Veloshotz | Event Solutions

We can offer:

  • Very experienced photo crew shooting with high end cameras and lenses
  • Wireless Instant print with a print capacity of up to 1000 high quality photos per hour. Great for finish line photos.
  • Photo boot  Users can browse photos and purchase and print on location, 6x4, 8x5, 8x10, 8x12, 16x20 (most suitable for multi-day events)
  • Drone photography by fully certified CASA operator - RePL (Remote Pilot License) REoC (Remote Pilot Aircraft Operators License) - only 980 certified operators in Australia!
  • Live streaming to social media via multiple camera setup from finish line, mobile ground video and Drone video
  • Daily video uploaded to preferred social media platform via stabilised ground and drone video (4K).
  • Direct posting to social media platform on behalf of event organiser or sponsor
  • Promoting the event prior, during and post the event via Veloshotz on Facebook - approx. 5000 followers in the target group area..
  • Fast photo upload for participant viewing on
  • Optional photo tagging with race number and searchable by number or name on